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Dining Out For Life SF/CA 2024

Join us in raising funds for Dining Out For Life San Francisco.

We hope you can join us in supporting the local HIV prevention and care services that San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides, free of charge, to more than 21,000 people each year.

Together, we envision a future where health justice is achieved for all people living with or at risk for HIV. Ultimately, we strive for a day when: race is not a barrier to health and wellness; substance use is not stigmatized; HIV status does not determine quality of life; and HIV transmission is eliminated.

We're committed to raise funds for this important cause. For that, we're asking you to support us by donating as generously as you possibly can by purchasing a sweepstakes entry or making a direct tax-deductible donation.

To learn more about Dining Out For Life San Francisco, please visit



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